Text Analysis

There is no model of analysis able to describe any text


  • The CONTENT    

From a MATERIAL   point of view

  • Where is the extract taken from ?
  • Length – How many lines is it made of ?
  • Paragraphs – How many paragraphs is it divided into ?
  • Are there any connectors linking paragraphs ?
  • Are paragraphs linked to each another by continuity of meaning ?

                                  ( COHERENCE )

              Narrative modes  prevalently used

            (Types of discourse )

                                FDS / TDS   *   Direct speech       ( Free / Tagged )

                                FRS / TRS    *   Reported Speech ( Free / Tagged )

                                FDT / TDT    *  Direct Thought    ( Free / Tagged )

                                FIT / TIT     *  Indirect Thought ( Free / Tagged )

                                NRSA            *  Narrator’s Report of Speech Acts

                                                  [ which reports on ( speech ) acts or sums up idle conversation ]

                             Cohesion             –>                unity        ( lexical, grammatical, etc. )

“ we should observe the elements which give lexical and syntactic contiguity to the text, that is to say the way in which the components of the surface text (words) are mutually connected within a cohesive and coherent sequence………

………… we can note the way in which the components of the textual world, that is the configuration of concepts and relations which underlie the surface text, are mutually accessible and relevant. Therefore, the text presents continuity of meaning.                                                             ( from “Ambito disciplinare 5” – Inglese – ed. Simone )        

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